Transformational Disciplemaking: Inner Life Part 1: “The Mind”

To love God with our whole inner life means that we love God with all four parts of our inner life. First is our thinking. The word dianoia means “the faculty of thinking, comprehending and reasoning, understanding, intelligence and mind.” [Banker, Arndt and Gingrich, Lexicon of the Greek New Testament].  To love God with our whole inner person means to love God in the way we think. It involves a transformation of how we think and thereby what we believe. Disciplemaking is changing an individual at the level of what he or she thinks and what they believe. The outcome is a person who is living out of a different set of beliefs and a different way of thinking. This is also where the major theme of Jesus’ teaching on the Kingdom comes into disciplemaking. A person who is able to think rightly about the Kingdom of God will think differently about the world they live in.
So how do we love God with all our mind?  What are some ways we can love God with all our mind?  The next step is to consider our emotional world.  Stay tuned.