The Adventure of Knowing God’s Will: Part 2 - “The Word”

The second compass point is the Word of God.  Psalm 119:105 says, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”  God’s Word reveals principles that will give us discernment along the path.  Scripture will not tell us it is God’s will to take this job or that, to date this person or not that person, but God’s Word that will give help us discern God’s will.

Every decision has some goal in mind, because a decision is the choice between two or more alternative to help us achieve a goal.  When we are trying to decide something we first have a goal in mind, which may show up as a question.  Should I date Susan / Stanley?  My mind then begins to evaluate that question, but to do that we often list alternatives and evaluate them.  Based on our evaluation, which may be very emotional or subjective, we make a choice and act on it.

Now let’s start at the top of this part of the journey, the goal.  What is goal we are trying to achieve?  God’s word will help us understand and if necessary reorient our goal. Let’s go back to the question of whether I should date Susan / Stanley?  God’s word will not answer that question.  Scripture will help you evaluate that question: Why do you want to date?  What do you want your dating to accomplish in your life and in the life of another?  Why do you want to date Susan / Stanley?  What should be true of a person you would date as a follower of Jesus? Scripture will help you evaluate your answers to these questions to see if you need to adjust your course.  And changing our course may mean looking more carefully at what I believe about dating and how I think about it.  It may mean asking am I willing to follow God’s ways in dating and trust him?  It may mean asking do I really want to know what God has to say about this?

Scripture will help you in two other ways: (1) to evaluate the advantages of each option.  (2) to evaluate the disadvantages of each option.  Let’s say we think of five advantages of dating Susan / Stanley: He / she- (1) is a nice person, (2) goes to church, (3) has a good job, (4) is attractive, (5) I like him / her. This is where Scripture can help us.  Take advantage #1. What kind of person does the Scripture say we should be spending time with?  Is our idea of nice Biblical?  How do know whether “nice” is a true picture of deeper admirable qualities or whether “nice” is a mask covering really bad character qualities beneath?  We can go to the Scriptures to understand more that can help us look at why we are considering a certain direction in life.

In the same way we can evaluate the disadvantages of an alternative.  For example, if I date Susan or Stanley it will cost me time and money.  I might ask, “Is this the best time for me to be in a dating relationship?”

The other points on the Compass will also help us find answers to these questions, we will go on to Point Three on the Compass, Prayer next time.