The Adventure of Knowing God’s Will: Intro

Knowing God’s will is more of a journey of knowing God that it is getting to a destination.  Often in life I have been too focused on just getting to the place where I know what God wants me to do.  “If God would just show me what to do, I would do it!”  I’ve found that God is more interested in the journey to get there, or better, what the journey will do to transform me along the way.  This understanding of God’s ways is transforming the way I approach discerning God’s will.  This is the first in a series of blogs on discerning God’s will.  I hope it will help you!

If we look at discerning God’s will like an adventure in which we grow and mature in our knowledge of God we can approach it differently.  In adventure there are devices that can help us along the way.  One device is a compass.   The points on the compass help orient us so that we make sure we are headed in the right direction.  Let me suggest that in the adventure of knowing God’s will there are seven points on the compass.   Here they are:

• Neutral
• Word
• Prayer
• Circumstances
• Counsel
• Peace
• Faith
The next blog will be on the first Compass Point, “Neutral”