The Adventure of Knowing God’s Will: Part 1 - “Neutral”

Neutral means the car is not going forward or backward, it is in “neutral” gear so that the gravity of God’s guidance can move it in the direction of his pleasure.  If our will is not in neutral we are not in the spiritual condition to understand his will.  If I am not willing to do God’s will, whatever it is, I am not ready to receive God’s will.   And I’m not sure that God is ready to reveal it to me.  In Luke 22:42 Jesus asked His Father if there were any way he could bypass accepting the “cup” he was about to drink.  Then he made this profound statement, “not my will but your will be done.” And he went to the cross.  We must be willing to place our heart in neutral gear, like Jesus did, in order to be on course in the adventure of knowing God.

One practical way we can do that is to follow the example of Abraham in Gen. 22.  God instructed Abraham to take his son up to the top of a mountain and sacrifice him to God.  In this gut-wrenching story Abraham walks the painful journey up the mountain, binds his on a home-made altar, and raises a knife to slay him as a sacrifice.  God stops him and tells him that he now knows that Abraham will obey God and do all his will.  The question is, what are the “Isaacs” in your life that stand between you and full surrender to follow Christ?  We must be willing to face our Isaacs, place them on the altar, and give them to God so that we are free to do His will.  Then our compass dial will spin freely to show the direction of God’s will for us.