Transformational Disciplemaking: Inner Life Part 2: “The Emotions”

From thinking, we move to the second part of the inner life, which is feeling, emotion, desire or longing. What do I dream about? What are the true longings of my heart? What do the hands of my heart grip on to and refuse to let go of? How do I love God in my whole emotional world? What I mean is, when I feel anger, betrayal, fear, lust, desire, what do I do? How do I manage my emotions? Do my emotions occupy the executive function in my life, that is, do I simply do what I feel, or do I bring my emotional world under the authority of God’s truth and His grace? Loving God with all my feelings, emotions, desires and longings is part of loving God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength.
How do we listen and utilize our emotions well, yet not allow them to slip into the executive function within us?

Some of us struggle with getting in touch with our emotions.  If this is true for you, how can you get in touch with your emotions.  Getting in touch with our emotional world can be scary, but Jesus wants to take us to a life of integrity and wholeness.  We can’t do that when there is rottenness hidden in our emotional world.

Here’s something simple to do: wake up in the morning and ask your self what do I feel?  If you have trouble identifying your emotions consider the list below.  Then ask God to show you how He wants to meet you right where you are in your emotional condition.  Look up emotions like fear, anger anxious in a concordance and find a couple of verses to meditate on, and pray those verses back to God asking him to help you experience Him in your emotional world.  Often it is better to do this with someone for the first time instead of by yourself!

List of Emotions

 Nervous  Pleased  Determined  Angry  Frustrated  Distrust  Hurt  Tired
 Tense  Glad  Forgiving  Frustrated  Cross  Suspicious  Upset  Scared
 Anxious  Wonderful  Hopeful  Sad  Irritated  Scornful  Lonely  Frightened
 Flustered  Elated  Motivated  Tearful  Annoyed  Disdain  Guilty  Uneasy
 Insecure  Excited  Inspired  Hurt  Furious  Bitter  Miserable  Weak
 Angry  Content  Daring  Miserable  Livid  Stupid  Bereft  Insecure
 Cross  Surprised  Energetic  Weepy  Enraged  Shame  Despairing  Inadequate
 Confused  Proud  Loving    Hurt  Worthless  Lost  Tense
 Bored  Relieved  Eager    Inadequate    Down  Anxious
 Flat  Satisfied  Excited    Trapped      Nervous
 Apathetic    Receptive          Petrified
 Weak    Happy          Threatened