Transformational Disciplemaking: Inner Life Part 3: “The Will”

Thirdly, we come to the will, our volition, our decisionmaking. We could call this the executive function within us. This is the part of our inner person where we decide and make choices. This is also where we have the opportunity to follow the example of Jesus in Luke 22:42 where he says, “not my will, but yours be done.” Loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength has to do with the choices we make.

So how do my choices reflect what God has said is true, honest, just, good, pure, holy, right, or wise in his Word?  As we said earlier, I can do something that feels good, but may be very unwise, or just wrong!  When we keep our will in the executive function of our inner life, we pay close attention to our emotions, they tell us what is going on in us and around us, but they are not to have the decision casting vote in our inner world.

I do have choices.  My choices are powerful.  They will determine much about where I go in life and who I become.  How can we grow in our capacity to love God with our “will?”