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Author and speaker, Eddie Broussard, has discovered deeper intimacy with God through the model of the Old Testament tabernacle and is gaining notoriety around the country by teaching people the truths he learned during the desert experiences of his life… from the red clay of Alabama to Red Square in Moscow.

The new book from this senior vice president at The Navigators, Beauty in the Desert, will be in bookstores September 15th. This insightful memoir of survival and wisdom has been praised by Dr. Tony Evans, Jerry White and Scot McKnight, who encourages us: “Read this book and store it deeply… because some day you, too, will need it.”

In Beauty in the Desert, Broussard personally guides readers through the tabernacle, clearly explaining its meaning in light of its New Covenant fulfillment in Christ. Through engaging stories, this thoroughly researched and thoughtful book can show readers how understanding the tabernacle can lead to worship that empowers, wisdom that guides, and knowledge of God that transforms.


“Deserts are a part of life.  When we find ourselves in these disorienting times it’s hard to know where to begin. Eddie Broussard invites the reader into his own journeys in the wilderness– from a lonely road in Tuskegee, Alabama to the bustling streets of Moscow, Russia.  His journey leads to the Tabernacle in the desert. Reflecting on his own life, and drawing on the rich imagery of the sanctuary, Eddie unveils a path anyone can take into the presence of God. His careful analysis of the Old and New Covenants in the book of Hebrews lays a sound Biblical foundation for the conclusions he draws later in the book.  New Believer and scholar alike will find inspiration and depth for their relationship with God in these pages.”

-Dr. Tony Evans Senior Pastor Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, President The Urban Alternative, internationally acclaimed speaker and author.

 “Eddie Broussard has walked through the desert of life and discovered how to survive and flourish.  Beauty in the Desert is provocative and compelling both in leading ordinary people to a deeper walk with Christ and in its perception of God’s purposes through the Tabernacle in the Old Testament.  With clarity and depth he unfolds how to live and thrive in a world of deserts and disappointments.  I know Eddie and his heart for God.  He has blessed us with his deep study of scripture and practical application to real life.”

-Jerry White, PhD Author of The Joseph Road  and Rules to Live By International President Emeritus The Navigators
“Some people are formed to write one book — Eddie Broussard’s unique experiences have come together to form a book of wisdom for those who encounter the desert. Tapping into the big theological ideas of Israel’s wilderness wanderings and how God met Israel at the Tabernacle, Eddie performs some patristic-like exegesis and theology to guide us through the Tabernacle and then lead us all into way of discernment when we walk in the way of the desert. Read this book and store it deeply … because some day you too will need it.”

-Scot McKnight Author, One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow and The Jesus Creed for Students

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